amazon glue scheme


With AWS Glue, you can discover and connect to more than 70 diverse data sources and manage your data in a centralized data catalog. You can visually create, run, and monitor extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines to load data into your data lakes. Also, you can immediately search and query cataloged data using Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Redshift (Serverless or Provisioned) Spectrum.

AWS Glue consolidates major data integration capabilities into a single service. These include data discovery, modern ETL, cleansing, transforming, and centralized cataloging. It’s also serverless, which means there’s no infrastructure to manage. With flexible support for all workloads like ETL, ELT, and streaming in one service, AWS Glue supports users across various workloads and types of users.

Also, AWS Glue makes it easy to integrate data across your architecture. It integrates with AWS analytics services and Amazon S3 data lakes. AWS Glue has integration interfaces and job-authoring tools that are easy to use for all users, from developers to business users, with tailored solutions for varied technical skill sets.

Integraciones de los Glue Jobs al serverless data lake framework aws.

AWS Glue features fall into three major categories:

  • Discover and organize data
  • Transform, prepare, and clean data for analysis
  • Build and monitor data pipelines