SDP AWS Lambda

No need for managing servers: Run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Simply write and upload code as a .zip file or container image.

Automatic scaling: Automatically respond to code execution requests at any scale, from a dozen events per day to hundreds of thousands per second.

Pay-as-you-go pricing: Save costs by paying only for the compute time you use -by the millisecond- instead of provisioning infrastructure upfront for peak capacity.

Performance optimization: Optimize code execution time and performance with the right function memory size. Respond to high demand in double-digit milliseconds with provisioned concurrency.

Use cases:

Quickly process data at scale: 

Meet resource-intensive and unpredictable demand by using AWS Lambda to instantly scale out to more than 18k vCPUs. Build processing workflows quickly and easily with suite of other serverless offerings and event triggers.

Run interactive web and mobile backends:

Combine AWS Lambda with other AWS services to create secure, stable, and scalable online experiences.

Enable powerful ML insights:

Preprocess data before feeding it to your machine learning (ML) model. With Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) access, AWS Lambda handles infrastructure management and provisioning to simplify scaling.

Create event-driven applications:

Build event-driven functions for easy communication between decoupled services. Reduce costs by running applications during times of peak demand without crashing or over-provisioning resources.