amazon quicksight dashboard

SDP AWS Quicksight

Amazon QuickSight includes a natural language query capability, called QuickSight Q, so that users can ask questions about their data in plain language. BI teams won’t have to pre-build data models on specific data sets. The more users use Q, the better it gets thanks to its built-in dictionary and feedback mechanism. QuickSight enables organizations to scale business analytics capabilities to hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, it has fast and efficient query performance as it uses a robust memory engine (SPICE).

Among its main characteristics we can highlight:

  • Easy to set up and use, as it does not require complex server configurations, data models or capacity planning
  • Fast performance, it has an engine called SPICE that takes care of the memory calculation in QuickSight, automatically replicates the data for high availability, saving time, costs and resources.
  • Low total cost, since it has a pay-per-session model for dashboard reader users (consumers), users will not incur any initial cost for licenses.
  • Ability to create integrated dashboards and APIs, with single sign-on (SSO) and APIs, users can create interactive visualizations and dashboards and integrate them into applications and web portals without writing any code.
  • Supports multiple data sources, so users can pull insights from SaaS applications, third-party databases, native AWS services, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) private subnets, and more.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to dashboards and visualizations via QuickSight Mobile. The mobile-optimized experience includes capabilities such as drilldowns, filters, forecasts, email alerts, and collaborative viewing and sharing.

Main use cases

Visualization and KPIs

With fully managed, rich visual integration, help users get on with their tasks in high-traffic apps. Not sure how to implement visual onboarding with AWS QuickSight’s built-in analytics tools? Connect with Strata Analytics experts to build custom observability applications that can view your operations performance, management, and system availability status. Combine log events with monitoring data and metrics into a unified view of overall system health.

Integrated Data Board

Get all your data clusters at your fingertips with a fully integrated data dashboard curated specifically for your business needs. Export data from other interactive dashboards or access in-app analytics instantly with our trusted support.

QuickSight Embedding

Access deep insights and introduce NLQ capabilities with top-tier functionality with Strata’s built-in high-level analytics.

Automating backups and restores of data sets, analytics, and dashboards:

Strata DataOps experts will help you automate RTO and RPO tasks.