Automated Survey Process for Net Promoter Score

Prior Situation / Scenario:

  • The “Relational” Net Promoter Score (rNPS) completely outsourced and inflexible
  • Expected monthly survey response volumes not reached
  • Quarantine and Blacklist processes results were unreliable
  • Management lost confidence in the NPS process

Client Challenges:

  • Multiple data sources and from 16 countries with diverse needs and structures
  • Wanted to measure additional NPS with stratified sampling method. Surveys administered by Third Party
  • Numerous customer touch points and checking validity of contact information

Strata Solution/ Key Enablers:

  • Data sources integrated and standardized
  • Auto-scaling algorithm on response rate to guarantee expected volumes
  • Close cooperation with client to improve sampling, survey and validation processes


  • Standardized daily survey sampling process for all desired NPS, stratified by market and product runs brought in-house
  • Monthly response rate reached. Survey results available daily in customer’s Data Lake for reporting
  • Quarantine and Blacklist process reinforced customer contact policy
  • Quarantine and Blacklist process reinforced customer contact policy


Quick result , fast development within 3 months we produced Reliable NPS results meeting or exceeding target sample size expectations. Better control and cost reductions by bringing NPS survey sampling process in-house.

Substantial operational improvements with the ability to accurate represent the customer satisfaction status.