AWS Mobilize Journey to Cloud & Analytics Enablement for fastest growing money transfer and Financial services company in US

Prior Situation

  • Excessive risk of overload and consultation on on-premise transactional server.
  • Centralized data knowledge in few resources with very low availability.
  • Nonexistent documentation of processes and data.


  • Being able to have an infrastructure that grows efficiently at the pace of their business.
  • Expand their capabilities in Advanced Analytics.
  • Become a Data-Driven company.
  • Centralize information, avoiding data silos

Strata’s Key Enablers

  • Fund management capitalizing on AWS funding programs to the fullest.
  • Prioritized migration to cloud of key operational applications. Integration with Salesforces and MSSQL.
  • AWS Data Lake designed with SDLF (Serverless Data Lake Framework). Strategy and implementation of data governance and documentation management to democratize data.


  • Assurance of operation with flexible and scalable key applications.
  • More robust and redundant infrastructure to ensure high availability.
  • Democratization of data for users, initiating the path of cultural change.


27% reduction in operational costs of infrastructure including DataCenters and dedicated team.

Deployment agility of data products increased from an average of 1 per year to 4 in 6 months.

Ability to take data-driven action in the business leading to a 15% increase above the estimated annual growth rate.