FMC and Digital Transformation Program

Prior Situation / Scenario:

  • Unable to cross-reference fix and mobile subscribers
  • Manual and data Intensive process to identify prospects for acquisition and cross-selling campaigns
  • Limited understanding of triple play consumer behavior

Client Challenges:

  • Manual and outdated cross selling process and tools
  • Lack of Unified 360° Customer View (Fix / Mobile)
  • Limited understanding of digital and social network activities and profiling opportunities

Strata Solution/ Key Enablers:

  • We built a Customer Data Platform for unified 360° customer view for on-line and off-line data aggregation
  • Machine learning behavioral and value micro-segmentation
  • E-commerce and digital channels visitor identification and activity tracking
  • Omnichannel execution leveraging social and digital channels


  • Increased Fixed to Mobile Convergence close ratio
  • Substantially increased QML (qualified marketing lead) funnel and quality thus Reduced sales acquisition cost
  • Improved omnichannel acquisition and development performance


Within the first nine months of the Digital Transformation Program, it surpassed customer FMC targets by 32% while reducing the cost of sales and marketing by 18%.