Integrated Real-Time Advanced Reporting solution

Prior Situation / Scenario:

  • Segmented and non-standardized data due to different sources
  • Lack of centralized data repository
  • Need to understand the business and technical 4G network performance

Client Challenges:

  • Access to reliable and updated information
  • How to monitor KPI evolution daily
  • Access to useful data to adjust product definition before launch
  • Have an adaptable solution to meet changing needs which also covers legal and regulatory requirements

Strata Solution/ Key Enablers:

  • Automated data pipelines combining Apache Nifi and AWS Glue
  • Multilayer Data Lake based on AWS S3/ AWS Athena with Elasticsearch
  • Visualization: Apache Superset (predefined analysis of metrics and KPIs) and Amplitude (interactive analysis based on events)
  • Orchestration based on Apache Airflow


  • Reliable and accurate information center for business and operational use
  • Data pipelines which consolidate information to provide accurate and timely feeds to dashboards and reports
  • Set of reports and dashboards with predefined filters, separated into domains and automatic daily distribution at the start of workday
  • 360-degree understanding of business and technical operation


They now count with timely valuable updated business and technical-operational information for better and quicker decision-making.

Increased business performance visibility: With access to accurate data-driven information, operator was able to modify the product and execute an effective marketing campaign early in the customer life cycle.