Real-time actionable-insights Platform

Prior Situation / Scenario:

  • Disperse Information
  • Manual and slow business processes that involve numerous sources, including 3P data
  • Dashboards and reports derived from simple Excel spreadsheets

Client Challenges:

  • Obtain near real time updated information for brokers
  • Need to replace manual and complex calculations to obtain relevant information
  • Improve data quality and integrity
  • Avoid human errors in data entry and tabulation
  • Lack of Scalability due to manual operation

Strata Solution/ Key Enablers:

  • Snowflake Data-Lakehouse platform implemented.
  • Real-time and batch updates. Dashboards synchronized with data
  • Data quality integrated processes; automated through Apache Airflow


  • Real-time insights on analytical platform with 20+ specialized dashboards
  • Automatically updated data so brokers have dashboards available near real-time.
  • Integrated data and quality processes that ensure the integrity and reliability of the information


We enabled a competitive advantage and a key differentiator by providing an integrated information in real time that results in better customer service.

Advanced indicators that allow brokers to make better decisions and anticipate to their competitor and the market