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  • SpeakSense-AI


    Leverage your contact center interactions with SpeakSense-A Your contact center is filled with valuable data about what your customers like and need. Have a complete, real-time business view from your customer interactions Make informed decisions based on organized information about complaints, preferences, feature requests, product usage patterns, trends, and product satisfaction levels. Benefits Why SpeakSense […]

  • Spotsights


    Integrate your data Access pre-configured analysis and dashboards Create custom panels and analysis Product Value A friendly and intuitive solution in which anyone can turn their data into valuable information for decision making. Capture all of your Data Insights and KPIs in just a few minutes without any technical knowledge.

  • FlowX


    Features Why Flow X ? Easy to Use, Omnichannel Orchestration, Advanced Analytics.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Recommendation Engine

    Features Product Value A complete analytical solution designed to recommend Hyper-personalized offers to your cutomers. It combines all Strata ML Models portfolio with the AWS Personalize Service and the Strata RTDM Solution to guarantee an integrated solution easy to use for marketers. A Customer Centric Solution that incorporates a Recommendation & Profit Algorithm in order […]