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  • Strata Spotsights

    Strata Spotsights

    Integrate your data Access pre-configured analysis and dashboards Create custom panels and analysis Product Value A friendly and intuitive solution in which anyone can turn their data into valuable information for decision making. Capture all of your Data Insights and KPIs in just a few minutes without any technical knowledge.

  • Strata FlowX

    Strata FlowX

    Features Why Flow X ? Easy to Use, Omnichannel Orchestration, Advanced Analytics.

  • Strata Recommendation Engine

    Strata Recommendation Engine

    Features Real-time propensity to buy recommendations Handling Coldstart scenarios Reranking of recommendations Blend real-time user activity data with existing user profile and item information (historical data) Powered by AWS Personalize Algorithm Product Value A complete analytical solution designed to recommend Hyper-personalized offers to your cutomers. It combines all Strata ML Models portfolio with the AWS […]