Advanced Analytics and AI

  • We design, develop and deploy state of art descriptive and predictive modeling techniques providing deeper insights.
  • We have more than 30 machine learning models developed in different industries to solve business needs such as demand prediction, xsell, next best offer, churn prediction, value and behavioral segmentation, collection, fraud detection, migration to digital channels, etc.
  • We have proven experience in multiple algorithms & agile models development.
  • We implement key relationship viewer and new pattern discovery, we help you visualize what is not there to see at the first glance.
  • We design, develop and deploy social influencer and personal engagement algorithms, helping to increase your audience’s and customers’ perception.
  • We employ statistical techniques using leading methodologies for Data Visualization purposes and to provide world-class Dashboard Development Services. We make data speak clear messages.
  • No need to guess, we can help you draw your company’s best next steps based on Demand-Driven Forecasting.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing as well as Video Analytics & Image Processing at your command to respond to your needs.