Customer Engagement

  • Campaign management & execution outsourcing.
  • Campaign management platform as a service.
  • We improve the KPIs of your customer base by delivering relevant content and offers at the right time in a personalized customer journey.
  • We apply market segmentation strategies based on machine learning models.
  • We test and improve your results by using control groups and A/B Tests.
  • We apply contact policies to avoid customer saturation.
  • We can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right moment using real-time, context-based recommendations triggered by your customer’s activity and driven by your own business rules.
  • We have an omnichannel integration (Email, SMS, IVR, App, Web, Call Center).
  • We can implement a full suite of campaign performance dashboards to help you to improve your business on a daily basis.
  • We can create NPS surveys with proper statistical methods, like stratified sampling.