Data Driven Consulting

  • Perform data maturity assessment and improvement execution plan.
  • Solve the most pressing business issues through new paradigms of innovation through data utilization.
  • Design, prioritize and implement data use cases and medium and long term roadmaps.
  • Apply the most up-to-date development execution framework for quick value realization.
  • Drive growth by understanding, ideating and executing modern client interactions across different channels with marketing automation use cases.
  • Develop customer segmentations and profiling to build a state-of-the-art customer experience and management base program.
  • Deliver data driven strategies and initiatives in an agile, rapid and value-driven manner.
  • Understand your business performance performing deep level data insights.
  • Design and implement easy-to-read KPIs dashboards, reporting and alerts.
  • Design Information Competency Areas, roles and responsibilities.